Monday, October 5, 2015

Clean Eating - 21 Day Fix

CLEAN EATING!  I wanted something that was a lifestyle change, worked for my whole family, and wasn't uber time consuming (since we all know I don't sleep much as it is hehe).  I've talked to a lot of people who have tried lots of different things - and this felt the most "Lisa" like.  The whole concept is basically portion control and healthy eating (meaning not processed foods).  I will be honest and say I'm still a bit overwhelmed by my lack of nutrition knowledge BUT I'm very motivated to figure it out as I want to be here for my boys for a very long time...I need to understand what I'm putting into my body and what my body needs....cause apparently cheezits and diet coke are not it :)

Clean eating isn't really a "diet" you follow - but more of getting certain food groups in throughout the day based off your weight.

You use these colored handy tupperware containers (but you could totally do this on your own) to figure out how much of each group goes into each meal and plan out your whole day.  Below is the break out of size of colored containers.  Tablespoons is for oils and nut butters (no butter, no salt)

-Eat your Yellow and Purple before 6pm
-NO POP (not even diet...)
-NO BEER / ALCHIE - BUT you can have 1 glass of wine if you are willing to substitute a yellow.
-You can have coffee / tea
-Drink 1/2 your body weight in water per day
-FREEBIES (listed in white above): Put as much as you want on food!

Here is our menu for the first week!!  Every time you see Shakeology - Ross just has a protein portion instead -- usually oatmeal cause it's quick and easy in the morning.

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