Saturday, February 6, 2016

Winter ONE-Derland & Ice Fishing Birthday Party

YAY!!  I can't believe my boys are 3 and almost 1!!  Where did the time go?!

This year was a little bit harder planning the boys party, because I so wanted my Momma to be there.  I know she was there in spirit but I missed having her there to see the boys excitement and celebrate with us!

The theme this year was Winter ONE-derland for Mr. Evan and Ice Fishing for our big 3 year old!!  

Check out the cutie invite :)

I had LOTS of ideas how to make the party WINTER and FISHING themed :)

Let's start with the fun BANNERs!!!

Festive Centerpieces!!

Themed Party Hats :)

Themed Letters :)

It wouldn't be a party without some fishy and flaky tissue balls!!

Fun Birthday Party shirts!!

Special seating for our BIG 1!!

The Food Spread!!

Chili Bar -- get it, cause it's chilly outside?!  :)

Snowy Chicken Chili

Livewell Turkey Chili

Corndogs for the kiddos

Seaweed Dip :)

Frosty the CheeseMan!

Ice Blocks

Fish n Chips
Fish and Minnow scoop even :)
Chum Muffins

Peanut Butter and JellyFish Sandwiches

Fishing Poles!

Festive Drink Station!!

Mason Jars with fishies :)

Blueberry fish cubes (stayed with the theme ...everywhree :))

Lake Water

Melted Snowman

Hot Cocoa Bar!

Adult Angler Bar!

Sodahl Boys' Bait Shop was a huge hit :)

Brody's Ice Fishing Cake

Evan's traditional 1st Birthday Polar Bear Cake

Every ice cream needs some bait, snowball, and dirt topping!!

For the friend party, I did cupcake cakes -- much easier for the kiddos to just grab!

Stayed with tradition and got books themed off their birthday party for guests to sign!!

Photo booth in Brody and Evan's Ice Shack!

Every party has to have some GAMES!!!

Who wants to have a SNOW BALL (ping pong balls) fight with the BALLOON GUYS?!
Brody's birthday tree made it too!!!  So glad it didn't drop all its needles before the party!!

We wanted to say Thank you SNOW much with our fun party favors!!!

For the family party, we gave everyone a fish!!

For the friend party, we gave everyone swedish fish AND a hot cocoa mix!!