Sunday, June 8, 2014

TUTU Themed Baby Shower-

YAY!!  My sister in law is having a girl, and I got to throw a GIRLY baby shower!  I decided to go all out -- TUTU style!!!

I started with the invites...

Table Centerpieces

Banners :)

Drink and Food

AND the CAKE!!  Linda made this bad boy -- how AWESOME is that?!  

Tulle Pom Poms

YAY!!  I love myself some tissue balls - but TULLE Pom Poms complete the TuTu themed baby shower idea  :)

Twine / Rope

Depending on the size of the pom pom you want - cut your circle into your cardboard.  Put a piece of twine/ribbon around the inner circle (make sure to be able to see the twine/ribbon).

Then start to wrap tulle around the circle until you have your "thickness" you are looking for.  Make sure to leave your twine hanging out - so you don't cut it.  Then cut the tulle around the circle.

Then tie the twine into a knot - pull the cardboard off - and POM POMS!

Tulle TuTu

How cutie is this TuTu Island skirt?!  Perfect for the TuTu themed baby shower :)

Tulle (I got like 20 yards)

I followed this tutorial here:

Pink Lemonade

Can frozen pink lemonade concentrate
Bottle club soda/Bottle Sprite (2 liter bottle)

Empty pink lemonade into tall glass pitcher...add in bottle of club soda or sprite...and yummy!