Sunday, September 23, 2012

Daddy-To-Be Survival Kit

I am so excited to see Ross be a dad - he is going to be amazing!  He was hunting this weekend, so I put together a little Survival Kit for him :)  This was so fun to make - and he really liked it!!  Plus it's all stuff he can use!!  :)

Diaper Bag (I have a Coach one - but wanted Ross to have his very own bag...)
Latex Gloves (he has never changed a diaper...hehe)
Mask (again - doesn't know what he is getting into here...hehe)
Hand Sanitizer
Snuggle Binkie
Coors Light (fit perfectly in the diaper bags bottle carrier)
I love my daddy frame
I love my daddy pacifier
Nine Months DVD
Children's book about daddy's
Go the F..k to Sleep (probably the funniest book out there!)
Lullaby Cd (made up of all the artists Ross actually likes...found these under iTunes under "Lullaby Renditions")


Anonymous said...

This is awesome. Such a great wife! I can't wait to see YOU be a mom; you will be amazing. Baby S is lucky to have you and Ross!

Anonymous said...

Just remember Ross, Ancient Chinese Proverb say..."use one, replace one...or the next time you go to grab one it won't be there".