Sunday, March 25, 2012

Secret Message Egg

I went to my parents house last week for dinner, and I was going around looking at all the Easter decorations they have...and I got an idea!  We used to blow out eggs and decorate them - it was an inexpensive and fun craft to I figured I would try it again.  While I was making them - I thought it would be cute to put little messages in fun!!  Now Ross gets to hunt around our house for the next 2 weeks trying to find all the secret message eggs :)

Raw eggs
Needle / Hard boiled Egg Cooker
Paper / Pen

Poke two holes in a raw egg - I used my hard boiled egg cooker to create the holes - but  a needle or nail would work too.  Put a smaller hole on one size - just one prick....and then on the bigger end double the size of the hole (this is where the egg will be blown out - and the message will go in.)

Then insert the syringe filled with air into the bigger side (be careful cause the pressure can break the egg really easily...) - and slowly release the air into the egg....this will cause the yolk to come out the same hole.  I kept doing this until nothing was coming out.

Then I filled the syringe with water - and put it on top of the smaller hole on top of the egg - and you do this, the yolk (yellow part) will start pouring out from the bigger hole.  I did this until it was water...

Then I stuck the eggs into the microwave for 10 seconds to dry them out....again, be careful - too long could crack them.

Write up your message - roll it tight, and insert it into the big hole.

I just wrote some stuff on the outside of the egg, but you could decorate them too!  Then I hid them around our house for Ross to find :)

To get the message - just crack it open!  Easter fun :)

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