Thursday, November 26, 2015

Turkey Day Placecards & Tablecloth Tradition

Hosting Turkey Day for the 1st time this year, so I had to get out my creative hat and start putting together some decor :)

Pilgrim Placecards

Beverage Station

Thankful Tree & Tablecloth Tradtion
 I collected branches from outside and cut out leaves on the cricut -- then each person wrote down what they were thankful for and then hung it on the tree as the table centerpiece :)
Also, started a new tradition this year...I spent weeks trying to think of something that we could start this year, but that still honored my Mom.  It was such a hard day not having her present at our table...but this made me come up with the perfect idea.  I borrowed a tablecloth of my Mom's and ironed on two pictures of her in the center...Each year - we will section off an area and write the event, who hosted, and then everyone will sign their names / put huge milestone from that year within that area.  Then each year, we get to reuse the tablecloth at our gathering and sign away.  Always keeping my Mom close to our hearts and present at our table :)

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