Friday, December 20, 2013

Tissue Pom Pom

8 sheets of tissue (cut square)

Line up the 8 sheets of tissue paper - and cut into square.  Then start folding all of the tissue layers over like a concertina, approximately 1″ wide, and continue until the whole length is pleated.  (As you go along be quite firm so you have good crisp fold.)

When you reach the end, make sure that you use something as a paperweight so the concertina doesn't come undone such as a pair of scissors.

Add a strip of wire around the center of the tissue.  You will need extra wire if you intend to hang it from a high ceiling or wanting it suspended to add depth.

Cut both ends of the tissue.  You can either cut a curve for a soft look or at an angle for a more spike effect.  As you will be cutting so many layers of tissue, it may be a good idea to do this in stages, by cutting in to 3-4 layers at a time

Gently start pulling the layers of tissue apart.  Take your time as it is easy to rush this part, and you will only end up with holes and tears in the tissue.  Keep going until you have pulled all of the layers out - and you are DONE!  Super cutie!

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