Friday, December 27, 2013

B's alphabet book

Brody LOVES to read, so I just had to make him his own alphabet book for his 1st Birthday!  It was so much fun to make - and I'm so excited to watch him learn his A-B-Cs!

Click here to create your own Shutterfly photo book.

Here is what I associated with each letter, but there are so many options!  I just looked through all my pictures and put them into letter folders - and then went back and picked out the ones I liked the best!  I could have made like 5 of these books...haha!!!

A: Apple
B: Boating
C: Camping
D: Daddy
E: Easter Bunny
F: Friends
G: Grandparents
H: Hiking
I: Ice Fishing
J: Jack O Lantern
K: Kisses
L: Lake
M: Mommy
N: Naked
O: Outdoors
P: Pool
Q: Quilt
R: Remote
S: Snowman
T: TubTub
U: Uncle Sam
V: Valentine's Day
W: Wagon
X: Xmas
Y: Yummy
Z: Zoo

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