Friday, December 13, 2013

Annual Christmas Ornament

As you all know, I'm obsessed with Christmas/traditions (that's why we have 7 trees!); I'm obsessed with documenting Brody's life (that's why I have a blog!); and I'm obsessed with reliving memories (that's why I scrapbook)! -- SO I came up with a fun tradition to recap the year - Brody / Christmas style!

I plan to make him a yearly Christmas Ornament.  The best part is that inside - there is a little write up of what B accomplished / special memories from that year.  AND then each year - before we put it up on the tree, we can take it out and RELIVE the memories :)

Clear glass ornament (from michael's)
Marker pens that write on glass (from michael's)
Fake snow
Hot glue gun

All I did was take the hot glue gun - put his initial on one side and how old he was on the other - then sprinkle glitter on top of it.  Then I wrote the year - tied with a ribbon - and slipped the "memories" inside!

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