Saturday, October 11, 2014

Elephant / "Little Peanut" Baby Shower

YAY!!!  It's Baby Rose / Linda shower day!!  Momma Linda is doing sort of an elephant / gray, turq, cream theme for the nursery, so we got busy coming up with the "Little Peanut" theme.  Had so much fun celebrating both of them :)
First the invitation (which we got off Etsy)

 Then the decorations...
Elephant Pom Poms!!
How to make: Tissue Pom Pom
Little Peanut Banner!
Elephant washcloths!
The guest book!

and then the FOOD!!!!  I used the invite format and tweeked it to make the food labels!  Check out how creative those label names are :)
Can't forget the "Watering Hole"...
Punch Recipe
 ...with the cutie mason jars!  Made those little elephants from my cricut and attached to straws!

 We played 2 really fun games:

1. Price is Right
2. Memory Game

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