Saturday, October 11, 2014

Baby Shower Memory Game

2 Poster boards
Candy (found a lot of mine at

Basically just write the baby term name below on both poster boards (not in the same spot of course).  Need 15 letters covering on one side / 15 #s covering on the other side.  Then make sure you buy the candy bars for each baby term.

To play the game - just have guests guess 1 letter and 1 # (one from each poster board).  Then if the terms match, pull the cover off and give them the candy that associates with it!

Running nose – goobers
Time alone – zero bar
Night of Conception – SKOR bar
Breastfeeding – milky way
Umbilical cord – twizzler pull n peel
Doctor – butterfingers
Engorgement – milk duds
Dirty laundry – mounds bar
Hospital bills – 100 grand
Epidural – lifesavers
Baby giggles – snickers
Contractions – whoppers
Boy name – mike & ike / Girl Name - Baby Ruth / Baby Name - whatchamacallit
Baby fat – chunky
Poopie diaper – tootsie roll

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