Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Baby Food - Green Beans

We introduced green beans to Brody as veggie #2 (started with sweet potatoes).  He currently is eating 1/2 servings of veggies with his rice cereal at dinner only, but figured we would make up enough to have a variety of veggies ready for when he is eating more frequently and more quantity.

10 oz frozen package = 10 (2T) servings

1 package frozen organic green beans  (not as stringy as fresh, but fresh work too)
Water / breast milk

I just bought the microwave steam fresh bag - so microwaved for 5 minutes and DONE!

Rinse with water once done to stop the cooking process and then put right into a food processor.  Process and add a little water/breast milk until you reach desired consistency.  and DONE!!

I feed B 2 tablespoon servings, and then I put 2 days worth in the fridge - and freeze the rest in ice cube trays.  Just put the trays in a plastic baggie - and freeze overnight.  Then you just need to pop them out when you are ready to use them and microwave for your meal!

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