Sunday, January 4, 2015

Transportation Themed Birthday Party

YAY!!  It's Brody's 2nd Birthday!  Even though I'm 8 months prego, have pneumonia, and haven't slept in a week - I am still very excited to host this fun party for B!!  Even though he will be so quiet and shy, I want him to always know how much we all love and want to celebrate him!!  Because he is OBSESSED with anything that has wheels / moves - decided the "transportation theme" was the way to go!
Check out the cutie INVITES :)
The fun "transportation" DECOR started pouring out of me...
How to make Pom Poms:



1. Taco Train
2. Stop n Go Toppings
3. Boulders
6. Stoplights
The CAKE!!
(My Mom is AMAZING!!  She made this and it looks exactly like his invitation!  Let's just say Brody was VERY excited about his "truck cake!"  Thanks Gma)
(My plan for each bday is to make themed "age" letters for his professional pics - this time it was a little hard to tell him he couldn't actually play with the cars super glued onto the letters)

 Birthday Boy Hat

 Party Games
Tutorial: How to make a paper airplane
Photo Backdrop
Guest Book
(My plan for each party is to have a "themed" book for each guest to sign that B can then keep and read - but is full of fun memories from that year!)
Favor Bags
Big Rig Pez dispensers
Truck / Car Stickers
Car fruit snacks
It was so worth the 9 hours it took me to make all the decorations -- hehe!!  It was a blast and we were so glad that all our family and friends were able to celebrate our favorite little man!!!  Happy 2nd Birthday Brody!!


Elizabeth said...

Your parties are so impressive! Especially to me who doesn't have a crafty bone in my body. Your gift bags are a HUGE hit at our house! We went to the grocery store todAy and leah brought her empty bag so she could point to the color on the bag when we passed stop lights.

Athina Mitchell said...

Hi Lisa,

Everything you made was so clever!

My mom did birthdays like that for me and I will always remember them :)

I especially like the way you made your Taco Train and the Baggage Claim! Super cute :)

-Athina (

Anonymous said...

I believe that was the last cake your mom ever made. So glad Brody liked it so much.


Kelly Arendt said...

What size foil pans did you use for the food spread?

Lisa said...

I used the meatloaf foil pans, a little small for taco shells but fit everything else great!!