Sunday, January 5, 2014

Newspaper Themed 1st Birthday Party!

It's Brody's 1st Birthday - so had to go BIG!  I had a lot of ideas for the theme, but wanted to wait until he was big enough to appreciate them...and then I reflected on his first year and came up with the "newsie" theme!  Since my "picture of the day blog" came to be all about Brody, I figured why not have a theme that captures "our main story"  :)  The best part about this party theme ... it's FREE!!!  My dad was nice enough to save all his newspaper for the past 6 months!  Check out the party action: Broden Times Celebration & Sodahl Times Celebration!!

**It all started with the invites!!  So happy with how cutie they turned out!**

**It wouldn't be a NEWSPAPER party without some "stories"  :) **

I made little "newspaper boards" and hung them around the house!

**Onto the NEWSIE Decorations!**

1. Paper Pom Poms:

2. Mod Podge Newspaper Letters

4. Photo Backdrop

5. Table Centerpieces
Yes, that is a Newspaper Table Runner...I got that on Etsy!

6. Picture Banners!

**Party Favor Bags!**
Brody helped fill them with all the "newsie essentials": Army Parachute Men, Game of Jacks, Birthday pen/pencils, Cracker Jacks, Crossword Puzzles!

**Random other party decorations**

**Game - Broden Chronicles**
This was uber tough, but I needed some sort of "newsie" game to go with the theme!  People (aka NRon) was trying to cheat by looking at my blog!

**Guest Book**
I made up a "newspaper" for Brody's scrapbook, so to team with that - each party guest took a picture with him by the Photo Backdrop and wrote him a special message.  Then I put the messages with their cutie pics, and that's a part of his 1st EDITION NEWSPAPER!  How cutie :)

**It wouldn't be a party without some yummy FOOD and DRINK!**
The menu was simple - all the Birthday Boy's favorites :)

The spread!

"Wet Your Whistle" Station!

The kids appreciated a kid friendly feast :)

**AND the best part about a Birthday Party - THE CAKE!!!!**
Didn't my mom do an AMAZING job!!  The teddy bear was holding a newspaper and the cupcakes said "Extra! Extra! Brody is 1" -- so cute!!  Brody even got his own teddy bear to eat!!

Brody was REALLY excited to try his 1st bite of sugar!  We had to have a family pic in front of the monthly cupcake banners :)

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Anonymous said...

All was perfect, something special in each room. So much prep time, I don't know how you did it all. God bless!