Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Card Holder

Since I'm in my "nesting" phase of pregnancy - figured I would get busy and do the things I know I'll never have time (or care to) do once Baby S is here!  I decided to take all the cards we got from when we found out we were expecting...from the showers....and advice cards and make little books  to save all these special words!  So fun - turned out super cute!

2 pieces cardboard
2 pieces card stock
Hole puncher
2 Metal Rings
Letter stickers

Start by going through all your cards - and organize them in size.  
This way you'll know how big to trim the cardboard.  Then I cut the cardboard to fit the largest card - then cut the card stock and glued that on top of the cardboard.

I hole punched the cardboard and all the cards where I wanted it - then thread that through the metal rings.
Then I wrapped the ribbon around the book - used the two brads to secure the ribbon to the back of the book - and then cut the ribbon to fit the book / bow / knot.  (Whatever you decide to do)

I then used my cricut to create the letters on the front - but scrap booking stickers work too :)
AND then you're DONE!!  It's that simple - and now you have a cute way to present all your post cards / cards / invitations!!

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