Saturday, August 11, 2012

Stache or Tiara

I'm sure you have seen the games that ask the bride / groom questions, but this is a cute way to get everyone involved!! Basically you ask the bride/groom questions beforehand - then have the guests hold up a stache or tiara depending on WHO they think answered the question.

Stache / Tiara (see template below) for each guest
Popsicle sticks
List of questions (see below)

Send the list of questions and have bride/groom answer them.  Then at the shower - read the question and 1 of their answers out loud.  The guests will then hold up a TIARA if they feel the answer came from the bride, or a STACHE if they feel the answer came from the groom.  Have fun and get to know your bride/groom :) 


What was the name of your fiancés first pet
When and where was your first date
Where was your first kiss
Where did you go on your first trip together
What is your favorite dinner that your fiancé cooks
What is your typical Friday night look like
What is the first movie you saw together
Describe your perfect date night
What quality do you love most about your fiancé
What is your fiancés best  physical feature
What is your fiancés most annoying habit
What is your fiancés biggest fear
What are your fiancés guilty pleasures
What song does your fiancé love, but doesn’t like to admit
How long does it take your fiancé to get ready in the am
What is your fiancés most prized possession
How does your fiancé like their eggs cooked
How many times does your fiancé hit the snooze button before getting up
How many times does your fiancé fart a day
If you could throw one thing away that your fiancé owns – what would it be
At what instant did you know your fiancé was “the one”
What will be your first new purchase as a married couple
How many kids do you want
If a fire broke out in the house, what would your fiancé save first
If you could choose one house chore to never have to do again, what would it be
Where do you think you guys will be in 10 years

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