Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hotdog / Mousetrap Bachelorette Game

I'm always looking for bachelorette games, so thought I would share my finds :) I've played this game a couple different ways - so shared my advice and ideas below!  Let the bachelorette fun begin!!

Hotdogs (1 for each guest)
Mousetrap (1 for each guest OR 1 total - see game options below)

Go around to each of your guests with the string.  Just tell them to "cut the string however long or short they want".  Once everyone has cut their string - explain the game.
          -You are going to tie a raw hotdog on one side of the string - and then connect the other end of the string to yourself (jean loops are the easiest way...)

            Option #1: Get your hotdog to snap in the mousetrap FIRST and you win.  NO using hands at any point of the game.  (Use 1 mousetrap per person)
            Option #2: Get your hotdog to snap in the mousetrap, and have the LEAST amount cut off your hotdog to win. NO using hands at any point of the game.  (Use only 1 moustrap total, and go 1 person at a time)

Watch the interesting techniques and have fun :)


Anonymous said...

this looks awesome and hilarious! i'm going to try it at my sisters Bachelorrett party i'm planning. thanks for sharing!

My situation said...

If you write down what people are saying as you play the game and read them back after, people say the funniest things.