Saturday, April 13, 2013

Diaper Cake

I heart baby showers!!  I got an awesome diaper cake for my shower - so now that I've seen them done, I love making them for others!!  How cute is this :)

Cake pan

I just take a 8-inch cake pan and start lining the diapers around the edges.  I continue to do this until they start to join the others; and by then you have made a circle of diapers.  (sorry - should have taken a picture of this!)

Then just wrap a string (and tie) around the diapers in the cake pan - and then turn over and you have one layer!!  Repeat for how big you want the cake to be!

Then I just put fun stuff under the ribbon - or hanging off the cake.  And this time - I made little diaper babies out of washcloths and socks!  This whole cake was a "tub tub" theme, so it was perfect!!

Here is another example of one I made....just so cute!!!
This one I made for a FISHING theme baby shower
100 diapers
"fishing poles"
Rubber bands
I started by rolling all the diapers and holding together with a rubber band.  Then I outlined the shape of a boat. 
Bottom of boat:
1 (1 row)
2 (1 row)
3 (1 row)
4 (1 row)
5 (11 rows)
Top of boat:
2 (1 row)
3 (6 rows)
2 (1 row)
After that was all rolled and organized - I used bigger rubber bands to hold sections of this together.  Then I wrapped the ribbon (hiding the rubber bands) around it and it was held in place!  I used some swizzle straws for the "fishing poles" - and then decorated with tub tub toys, pacis, diaper bags!  So cute!!

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